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other cost indicators

The social cost of drunk driving is measured, in part, in the lives lost.

Three dozen people die each day in the U.S., the result of drunk driving accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the number jumps to 45 per day during the Christmas holidays and 54 per day during the New Year holidays.

Another measure of the costs of drunk driving are the penalties to the driver convicted of operating under the influence two or more times.

The jail sentence, the fine, and the license revocation, are just the beginning.

Drunk drivers can expect to pay the following, according to estimates by the State Bar of Wisconsin:

  • towing fee:  $50
  • vehicle impoundment costs:  $10 to $15 per day
  • driver improvement surcharge:  $355
  • alcohol assessment fee:  $150 to $200
  • occupational license application fee: $40
  • license reinstatement fee:  $50
  • new drivers license fee:  $10 ($50 dollars if reinstated revoked license)
  • additional insurance premiums:  $2,500
  • attorney fees:  $3,000 to 7,000

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